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AAC PTG was established in 2005 to represent the needs of local public tenants, providing them with a collective voice so that they can be heard. Current membership is approximately 50 people who meet monthly to discuss issues within a solution focused framework.

The group have formed a strong working relationship with the local housing department at Box Hill and works closely with the officers to address issues that occur within the local community. Additionally the group has very strong relationships with local service providers as well as the local council. It works closely with these organisations to ensure public tenants are well represented within their decision making frameworks and advocates of the rights of tenants.

The group regularly runs forums and workshops for both members as well as the broader community. In the past year they have run the following:

MyGov interactive series of sessions that included the setup of accounts as well as an introduction to the My Aged Care portal. These sessions were developed and run by Centrelink, Link Health and Community and the local Monash Library who provided IPads.

Life Assist workshop to provide residents with information about ageing in place and supports available.

Link Health and Community session on falls prevention, exercise and good nutrition.

Box Hill Housing Forum on rights of tenants and new housing developments.

The group committee members also regularly attend other local meetings, forums and workshops, representing the tenant population. In the past year, they have attended more than 35 meetings where they represented the needs of the local community.

The group also regularly visit people in their own homes who require support with their tenancy.

We take part in the Annual Family Fun day, organised by Monash Council.

During 2017 – 18, we supported more than forty public tenants on a number of issues and some tenants needed ongoing support. The issues included – supporting people to find a place to live, home maintenance and navigating complex problems. We provide social support and visit people who are unwell.

In October 2018, we held our fourth Public and Proud event. Over 160 people from diverse backgrounds attended bringing together public tenants, home owners, renters and local service providers in the local community so that they could get to know each other. It was a delightful fun-filled evening and we hope to continue this activity each year. DHHS and City of Monash provide us with the funds for this event. Encounter Baptist Church and Link Health continue to support us, either in-kind or with funds.



If you are interested in being part of a vibrant group, call in for a cuppa and chat and pick up a membership form or join us at our next general meeting.

Membership is free and open to all residents living in Ashburton, Ashwood and Chadstone area.

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